You Are Not Alone!

Our center strongly values confidentiality. We aim to create a safe and completely confidential environment to protect your privacy and safety.

Abortion is never an easy choice to make. You may now have emotions you didn’t expect, and that’s why we’re here.

Many women and men experience relief immediately after an abortion, but different feelings can emerge as time goes by. Our team is here to help you.

Sharing our feelings with others makes our pain lighter. You can be healed and restored by sorting through these feelings with a trained professional. 

Our No-Cost Services

Support Groups

We require an initial consultation before joining a group. Our support groups are offered virtually and in person. The maximum number of people is seven due to the sensitive nature of the group, and one must be at least six months past their most recent abortion to be eligible.

Faith-Based After-Abortion Group

Our faith-based group isn’t a counseling group. Although some of our facilitators have professional counseling experience, this is for Christians who desire to heal from their abortion(s) through the Scriptures.

Food for Thought Group

Professionally trained counselors facilitate this counseling group, which follows both a trauma and grief healing model. It is for those struggling deeply with their abortion(s).

Healing Is Possible

Like all of our other services, healing groups are offered at no cost and are strictly confidential. To speak with someone privately, call 617-302-4372. We want you to receive the healing you need.

Contact us today to discuss your group needs with our caring and compassionate team!